Programs and fees (reviewed and updated Apr. 2022)

Our Centre focus is providing year-round learning opportunities for the aspiring learner. Begin with complete Montessori programming in Nido (8 months to 19 months), and see your child excel through our Bambini (19 months to 3 years) and Junior and Senior Casa (3 through 6 yrs) classrooms. Our enhanced Kindergarten program (agricultural / farm-based learning combined with traditional in-class time) provides accelerated learning for children ages 4.9+ years. All programs are tuition funded; meal programs are available as an add-on to most campus-based programs.

Our small class sizes and limited enrolment promote individual attention. All materials are sanitized regularly throughout the day, with our spaces commercially cleaned, for your peace of mind in our changing world. A strict illness policy is rigorously applied at all levels.

All of our campuses are uniformed environments via Elegant Design Uniforms in Calgary. A typical uniform set plus extra pieces for one student costs between $350 - $400 for a school year. (Our Nido environment offers a modified uniform to allow ease in movement and exploration.)


Interested families are asked to review our Centre Policies to ensure our Centre is the best fit for your family before applying. 

Download our 2022-2023 tuition fees, then contact 
to learn more about how to schedule a Pre-Application Interview.


For more information on the Province's new Childcare Grants and Funding announcement, please download our guide or visit

In event of discrepancy, the current policies and fees held at the Centre will be taken as rule.

Nido (ages 8 months - 18 months on entry) year-round

Our infant program is offered as an immersive exploration, care and Montessori preparation program for working parents. Half-day transition schedules are available in the two months leading up to a full-time program. Download our program brochure to explore, or visit our dedicated program website. This is a diaper-friendly program. Children benefit from a floor-level environment with natural light, a home-like space, and very low caregiver ratio to create independence and joy in learning from an early age. Graduates are guaranteed entry into our Bambini programs. This program is limited to eight children per day, and is offered at our Strathcona campus.

4 or 5 full days*                    9:00am - 3:30pm

Before and after care as well as meal programs are available, please inquire. Please note, availability of 4 day schedules is limited each learning season.


Bambini (ages 19 months - under 3 years on entry) Sept - June OR year-round

Our Bambini program is offered as an emergent philosophy care Centre and Montessori-focused preparation program. Children began the year with play and are introduced to increasing Montessori work as the year progresses. Curriculum activities focus on developing classroom skills, working independently, and expanding inquiry-building. Children may be in diapers. We do not offer half days as our program is immersive to promote an optimal environment for child development. Please note, children who graduate our Bambini programs must be recommended for placement in our Casa programs; placement is not guaranteed. These programs are offered at our Strathcona and Christie Crossing campuses for Fall 2022. 

4 or 5 full days*                     9:00am - 3:30pm, with lunch supervision

Before and after care is available, please inquire. Please note, availability of 4 day schedules is limited each learning season.


Junior and Senior Casa (ages 3 - 6 years on entry) Sept. - June OR year-round

Our dedicated Montessori stream is a focused academic program that also develops the social and emotional growth of your child. Children work independently and with small cohorts (6-8 learners) in an open classroom. Specialized materials based on cognitive, social and emotional development are guided by trained educators, with a focus on an individual progression path. Nature and outdoor programming is incorporated throughout the day.


Previous Montessori experience is not required to join our Casa program, however, previous non-parented care outside of the home is required for children over 4 years of age or children entering mid-year. Children must attend and complete a successful Pre-Application Interview to be considered for the program. Independent toileting (no diapers or PullUps) is expected in this program.


Minimum enrolment is 4 full days per week; we do not offer half days as our program is immersive to promote an optimal environment for child development.  Placement into a Junior Casa or Senior Casa classroom is based on a weighting of age, academic experience, and social / emotional development; and is at the discretion of the Centre.  This program is offered at our Strathcona and Christie Crossing campuses for Fall 2022. 

4 or 5 full days*                     9:00am - 3:30pm, with lunch supervision 

Before and after care is available, please inquire​. Please note, availability of 4 day schedules is limited each learning season.

Alberta Education Kindergarten(turning age 5 before Dec. 31 2022) 

Enhanced with outdoor, field trip and farm experiences!

Our innovative Enhanced Kindergarten, new for 2022-2023 in partnership with Paramount Academy, offers a blended experience between class work and a farm and forest school setting. Led by trained teachers and based out of our Strathcona campus, this program offers advanced academic classroom learning and unparalleled outdoor experiences for your mature learner. Students will enjoy private Sprinter van bussing to and from our community and outdoor adventures as well as to the rural properties. All out-trips will depart from our Strathcona campus. A 2,500 square foot new-build Discovery Centre on-site at the farm location offers heated washrooms and a complete classroom space. Download our brochure!

This program is registered through Alberta Education, delivering the kindergarten curriculum with integrated Montessori lessons. The kindergarten curriculum bridges into Grade One expectations with advanced math work, writing and pencil control skills, and teacher-led small group lessons. Children who register for kindergarten must move on to Grade One for Fall 2022. For more information and fees, download the brochure, then contact

5 full days                     9:00am - 3:30pm, with lunch supervision

Before and after care is available, please inquire​. 

Before / after care (for enrolled students only)

Our before and after care program is available on a pre-arranged basis only.  Before and after care operates at all campuses. Hours of operation are 7:30am - 8:40am AND 3:30pm - 5:30pm; fees vary by program level. Due to demand, partial attendance schedules cannot be pro-rated.

Meal plans (optional, in addition to tuition)

Our meal plans are provided in partnership with Saffron Catering, a local Calgary provider focused on delicious and healthy options! Meals are available at the Strathcona and Christie Crossing campuses for Nido through Casa programs.

Summer Program (year-round schooling)

Our programs in July and August offer Montessori learning + science, language and arts exploration in a relaxed uniformed environment that maintains the grace and courtesy of the Montessori philosophy. Registration for Summer Program is currently restricted to enrolled Sept - June students while space is available.


A separate public program, if offered, is for ages 3-6 only. To learn more about our public summer programs, visit between Feb. 1 and Apr 1 each year. 


Now interviewing for Fall 2022 placements.

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