Our approach and philosophy


Over 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori developed her theory of education after observing young children and paying close attention to how they learned. Aspen Hill Montessori teaching style and materials are modelled after her work.

Dr. Montessori's teaching methods focus on the “whole child”. When a child has been taught how to think, and is invested in directing their own learning, the following life skills emerge:

  • Ability to concentrate well

  • Sense of personal dignity

  • Independence

  • Self-motivation

  • Love of order

Why would I consider a Montessori setting for my child?


Montessori methods engage the whole child and make learning a personal challenge rather than a chore. Children who experience self-directed learning from an early age train their minds to see life as a learning experience, and regularly pursue learning activities outside of school.

What does our classroom environment look like?


Our Montessori classroom is a child-sized world, inviting the child to be an active explorer through scientifically designed materials and presentations. The prepared environment entices the child to proceed at his or her own pace, from simple to more complex activities. Through this special process, his/her curiosity is satisfied, and the child begins to experience the joy of discovering the world around them. Our materials are thoroughly sanitized throughout the day to ensure students remain healthy.


Uniforms help reduce distraction and provide for a professional learning environment. Navy or plaid tunics / kilts and white polo shirts for girls, and navy pants / white polo shirts for boys are typical. All uniform pieces display the school logo. 


What types of activities will my child experience?


Montessori centres include:

  • Practical Life (buttoning, grip, pouring, sewing, folding)

  • Sensorial (smell, touch)

  • Language (free form letters, sandpaper letters, tracing)

  • Mathematics (tactical counting beads, cubes, and sticks)

  • Cultural Studies 

  • Art Appreciation (painting, poetry)

  • Science & Nature (tactical exploration)

  • Music (singing and sounds)

  • Spanish language instruction

  • Physical education activities

  • Nature walks

Is Montessori a good fit for my child?

Aspen Hill Montessori is best suited to children who:

  • show a natural appetite for learning new things

  • are able to focus and engage on a topic of interest for an extended period of time

  • are able to maintain their personal space when asked

  • have a calm personality

  • treat their environment and belongings with care

  • have intermediate and above verbal skills in English

Due to the quiet and guided nature of Montessori education, the school may not be the best fit for children who would benefit from more play-based / less structured environments.


We encourage all families interested in pursuing a Montessori education to become familiar with the research behind this approach. The most successful students of Montessori are those that have a consistent environment between home and school. Here are some suggested readings to start you on your journey:


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We look forward to meeting you and your child! Please contact us for more information on our Centre, or to inquire about admissions.





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