Admissions (reviewed & updated March 2022) 


Contact us at to register your interest in the Centre and note your preferred attendance schedule. We will reach out to you with more information on our programs, as well as a link to book an interview. We offer two campuses for Fall 2022 - Strathcona and Christie Crossing. Please note, campus placement is based on program availability.  


Interviews for public entry for Fall 2022 are now booking - reach out to!


If you are offered a placement, fees become due as noted in your placement letter. You will receive a digital copy of the current policies and payment commitments for your review.


Once you have been successfully placed in Aspen Hill Montessori, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. This e-mail will include all information regarding your financial commitments, your child's assigned schedule, uniform needs, and any other information that is pertinent to your child starting with us.


Please contact us with your ideal schedule to see if placements are currently available:

Interview to join our Fall 2022 programs

Connect with us via to learn more about how to complete a Pre-Application Interview.