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Peace of mind through COVID-19 (updated June 2022) 

When your child attends care, you want the peace-of-mind to know that you are making a healthy and safe choice for your family. Aspen Hill Montessori works in close collaboration with Alberta Health Services, Provincial Childcare Licensing and Calgary's best health vendors to ensure our approaches exceed best-in-practice for your family's safety. 

The best in health and sanitization practices 

  • Electrostatic fog disinfectant, approved by Health Canada, applied throughout the facility before the start of the learning year, and every month afterwards

  • Child-safe disinfectant carpet cleaning twice per year and as needed

  • Daily disinfecting of high-touch locations (doorknobs, entry / exit points, bathroom handles) with approved solutions

  • Weekly disinfecting and sanitization of all materials, shelving, hard flooring

  • Commercial cleaning weekly

  • No-attend illness policy

  • Arrival protocols done with health and safety in mind

  • Non-medical masks recommended to be worn by staff in close contact situations

  • All staff double-vaccinated and encouraged to have boosters

  • Frequent handwashing throughout the day for children and staff following Alberta Health protocols

  • AHS-approved hand sanitizer available in all classrooms for immediate use after any contact with mucous membranes

  • Additional protocols as required or recommended by the Chief Medical Officer, Alberta Health Services, and Provincial Childcare Licensing.

Confidence to return to care for the 2022-2023 learning season

Aspen Hill Montessori was one of the first childcare Centres to open for Essential Services support in mid-March 2020, and has been providing on-site learning and childcare since. From advanced health screening to detailed sanitization, we are experts in ensuring your family's safety from COVID-19.

We're here to answer your questions about attending a childcare program during COVID-19. Contact

Partners in providing a safe, healthy and sanitized environment:
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